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Contract Distilling

Your Vision. Your Spirit. Your Brand.

Do you want to enter the renowned spirit industry or extend your current product portfolio with a unique liquor?
Blomendahl Distillery can make your dream become a reality. 

Contract Distilling consists of the entire spirit production process from the idea to the finished product, including business consultation, recipe and product development, quality assurance, brand design, and production.

We offer recipe development and market testing with a small batch of 30 bottles.

For production on a commercial level, batches of 800 bottles (750ml) and more are recommended.

Bulk Spirits

Do you want to buy spirits in bulk? No problem.

With our expert industry knowledge and international presence, including distilleries in Cape Town, South Africa; Vechta, Germany and soon Ireland, Bulgaria and the USA, we have the expertise to produce, supply and import various high-quality spirits for you.

Our current bulk spirits portfolio includes:

Brandy – 3 & 5 year

Cane & Grape Neutral Spirit

Gin – London Dry

Rum – Gold & White

Vodka – Cane-based & Grape-based

Other spirits can be arranged on request.

Important: You need a National Distribution license to buy and sell bulk alcohol.

Distillery Set-up, Training and Consulting

Need some help starting your own distillery? Our experts will help and guide you to make your craft distillery a success!

With over 35 years of international experience in winemaking, distilling and entrepreneurship, our team has expert knowledge of the liquor industry and the production processes involved in starting a craft distillery. We collaborate with new and existing distilleries all over the world.

Our services include:

Distillery design; equipment sourcing both local & international; consultation about the spirits market to help you succeed in the competitive liquor industry; training and set-up of your own craft distillery.

Why choose us?

Decades of Experience and Knowledge

About FJ Blomendahl

FJ has over 35 years of international experience as a winemaker, distiller and entrepreneur. He graduated as a winemaker in 1983 at the University of Geisenheim and as a Master Distiller in 1985 in Berlin. He worked as a master blender and distiller all over Europe and produced a vast array of award winning wines and spirits for various markets, including vodka for Russia. He lectured at hotel and beverage schools for 9 years and educated hundreds of students in his field. He was responsible for the professional training of sommeliers and trained many wine and spirit traders to assess products. Recently, his Blomendahl Vodka ranked among the best in the world and received the Best Vodka Trophy at Michelangelo in 2019.

About Benedikt Blomendahl

When he began making wine and spirits independently at the age of 18, Benedikt Blomendahl was the world’s youngest distiller and winemaker. Benedikt follows his father’s footsteps and graduated as a distiller in 2020. He started at an early age and was helping in the winery and distillery whenever he could. To date, the talented youngster has racked up multiple awards with his Blomendahl Apple Liqueur winning a Michelangelo Gold Award and his various gin recipes receiving multiple Double Gold and even Platinum Awards.

First class equipment and ingredients

We know that first-class spirits require the best ingredients, excellent water and precise distilling equipment. Therefore, we only use highest quality ingredients, our own mountain spring water and a custom-built 1000L Kothe copper potstill to craft our premium spirits.

Our Laboratory

We built our own laboratory on our farm 'Basco' in Elgin. This is were our unique spirits are developed and tested. Here we can develop individual recipes for you and start your own brand. 

Award Winning Recipes

Our spirits have received multiple awards including the Best Vodka Trophy for our Blomendahl Vodka and a Platinum Award for our Botanical Gin from Michelangelo. We also received over a dozen double gold awards from SA Craft Gin. 

Have more questions?

From small batch craft spirits to setting up distilleries, developing recipes, training, consulting, and private labels, we have got you covered.

Contact us for more information and start the exciting process of starting your own liquor brand.

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